Details for TOPS Season Locker Rental

At least 1 current membership per family member from this pass code list: HBRONZE (Hilltoppers Bronze Group - DU Site), HBRONZE-L (Hilltoppers Bronze Group - Lincoln Site), HSENIOR2 (Hilltoppers Senior 2 Group - DU Site), HELITE (Hilltoppers Elite Group), HGOLD (Hilltoppers Gold Group - DU Site), HGOLD-L (Hilltoppers Gold Group - Lincoln Site), HSENIOR1 (Hilltoppers Senior 1 Group - DU Site), HSENIOR1-L (Hilltoppers Senior 1 Group - Lincoln Site), HPIOS (Hilltoppers Pioneers Group - DU Site), HSILVER (Hilltoppers Silver Group - DU Site), HSILVER-L (Hilltoppers Silver Group - Lincoln Site), HTOPS (Hilltoppers Toppers Group - DU Site), HTOPS-L (Hilltoppers Toppers Group - Lincoln Site), HPIOS-L (Hilltoppers Pioneers Group - Lincoln Site), HSENIOR2-L (Hilltoppers Senior 2 Group-Lincoln Site), HTRIAL (Hilltoppers Trial), HSUMMER (Hilltoppers Summer Interim), valid on transaction date.Match One prerequisite activity code: 712101 (TOPS Clinics) (Current Year).

El Pomar Natatorium El Pomar Natatorium2201 E. Asbury Ave.Denver, CO, 80208(303)871-3845

If registering for a TOPS Season locker, you will be contacted at the end of August with locker information. All TOPS season locker rentals will expire on July 31, 2018.


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