Details for 2017-18 Youth Programs Registration

Age older than or equal to 4.50 and younger than or equal to 11.99. The date used for calculating the age is Transaction Date.

Gates Field House Gates Field House2201 E. Asbury Ave.Denver, CO, 80208(303)871-3845

How to Register for P.A.S.S. Camp

Step 1: Youth Activities Pre-Registration

Before you can register for any week of P.A.S.S. Camp, you must complete the Youth Activities pre-registration (prerequisite).

The Youth Activities pre-registration is a $0 fee registration that allows you to enter your child’s required medical, authorized release, emergency contact and acknowledgment of risk information for 2018 P.A.S.S. Camp.

Step 2: P.A.S.S. Camp Registration

Once you have completed the Youth Activities pre-registration, you can register for P.A.S.S. Camp.

View our P.A.S.S. Camp online registration tutorial for step by step registration instructions.


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